MODA Production's motion picture lineup combines production ingenuity and superior talent with entertaining and provocative stories collected from our impressive library of screenplays and property rights. Upcoming features include an Ernest Hemingway Biopic, the epic fantasy “Dante’s Inferno” and the thriller “Checkmate”.


Moda Productions

Film Projects In Development

● Abilene (Western)

● The Arson Factor (Suspense/Thriller)

● Assault on the Eagle (Historical Drama/Period Piece)

● Bad Day at Blackrock (Remake)

● Blackout (Suspense Thriller)

● Checkmate (Suspense Thriller)

● The City Common (Action/Adventure)

● Crossfire (Modern Day Western)

● Dante's Inferno - The Trilogy (Action/Adventure)

● The Ferry (Action/Adventure)

● Fugue State (Suspense Thriller)

● The Heartland (Action/Adventure)

● Hemingway (Authorized Biography)

● High Legend (Historical Drama)

● High Riviera (Romantic Chase)

● Justice Be Done (Legal Thriller)

● Malfunction (Suspense)

● The Midnight Shift (Suspense/Thriller)

● Make-Over (Romantic Comedy)

● Primordial (Suspense Thriller)

● Shake Hands with the Devil (Action/Adventure)

● Tenderloin (Historical Drama/Period Piece)

● Time Ripped (Romantic Chase)

● Trial of Zenger (Historical Drama)

● Vera Cruz (Remake)

● The Wilder Way (Comedy)

● Wreck of the Mary Deare (Adventure)


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